Factory tours in Kilkenny

Are you curious to know how things are made? Do you ever look at products and ask "How do they do that?" or wonder at how complex items are shaped, positioned, connected and processed consistently and at production-line speed? Perhaps you agree with an uncle of mine who said:

I love work. I could watch it all day long!

If work and production fascinates you, then why not take a factory tour and discover how some amazing products are produced. When you have some free time or are visiting or holidaying in a different city or country, you could include a factory tour in your itinerary and make your visit even more memorable.

Visitors should keep in mind that factories are working, production facilities, and certain areas may be shut down for maintainance and repair at the time of their visit. Visitors should also generally not wear open footwear (e.g. sandles or shoes exposing part of the feet). This is for safety reasons. Some factory tours will not admit visitors wearing inappropriate footwear. Some factory tours are not suitable for babies, buggies, young children or for people with mobilitiy difficulties. Check each tour to determine what restrictions apply before booking.

  • Jerpoint Glass Studio

    Jerpoint Glass Studio

    Jerpoint Glass is a family business blowing and shaping handmade glass products. They are famous for their use of colour in their jugs, drinking glasses, vases etc. At the Jerpoint Glass Studio you can see the glass being blown and skillfully shaped.
  • Smithwicks Experience Kilkenny

    Smithwicks Experience Kilkenny

    Discover not only how Smithwick's Ale is brewed, but also about the history of Smithwick's and of the ale brewing history which predated it in Kilkenny. It is a story of triumph of people over adversity and the role which ale has played in that struggle.