Things to do in Cork

Things to do in Cork

Cork has a lot of things to do and places to visit to amuse, educate or entertain the curious tourist and inquisitive local. We hope we can help you to find what you are looking for. Take a look and maybe discover some hidden gems.

  • Cobh Heritage Centre

    Cobh Heritage Centre

    The Cobh Heritage Centre commemorates the role of Cobh (formerly Queenstown) and its harbour in some major historical events. These include the large levels of emigration on so-called "coffin ships" as a result of the great famine (1845-1852) and the sinking of the Titanic and the Lusitania. The displays inform of the hard times, tough conditions and loss experienced by the people of the time.
  • Cork City Gaol

    Cork City Gaol

    Are you curious about what it must have been like to have been a prisoner in the 19th century? What were conditions like? Why did people end up in Cork City Gaol? Walking through the Gaol wings, the visitor will encounter life-like, full-size wax figures and you will hear the stories of the inmates, how they felt and why they turned to crime.
  • Fota Wildlife Park

    Fota Wildlife Park

    Fota Wildlife Park is the most popular tourist attraction in Cork and plays a leading role in animal conservation. Its vast 70 arcres of park space enables animals to live in conditions close to their natural habitat while also enabling visitors to get a close view.
  • Barleycove Surf Camp

    Barleycove Surf Camp

    Operating in the beautful sandy, clean blue-flag, lifeguarded Barleycove beach,…
  • Charles Fort Kinsale

    Charles Fort Kinsale

    A significant defensive structure built in the late 17th century to guard the c…
  • Cork City and Harbour Kayaking Tours

    Cork City and Harbour Kayaking Tours

    See Cork city and harbour from the perspective of the river Lee by kayak. Vario…
  • Cork City Walking Tour

    Cork City Walking Tour

    The Cork City Walking Tour guides love to interact and chat as they walk you th…
  • Cork Sea Safari

    Cork Sea Safari

    Cork Sea Safari combines the thrill of a high speed motor boat, the fantastic C…
  • English Market

    English Market

    The English Market is "the best covered market in Ireland and the UK" (-- Rick …
  • George Boole Tour

    George Boole Tour

    So who was George Boole and why should we be grateful to him? Find out by takin…