• Circle of Life Garden Salthill

    Circle of Life Garden Salthill

    A recommended part of any visit to a different place is to make time and space for some moments of reflection. Such moments help us connect with our true selves and encourage the feeling of well-being and positivity. The Circle of Life garden provides such a space at Quincentennial Park, Salthill overlooking Galway Bay. It commemorates the generousity of all organ donors.
  • Cobh Heritage Centre

    Cobh Heritage Centre

    The Cobh Heritage Centre commemorates the role of Cobh (formerly Queenstown) and its harbour in some major historical events. These include the large levels of emigration on so-called "coffin ships" as a result of the great famine (1845-1852) and the sinking of the Titanic and the Lusitania. The displays inform of the hard times, tough conditions and loss experienced by the people of the time.
  • Cork City Gaol

    Cork City Gaol

    Are you curious about what it must have been like to have been a prisoner in the 19th century? What were conditions like? Why did people end up in Cork City Gaol? Walking through the Gaol wings, the visitor will encounter life-like, full-size wax figures and you will hear the stories of the inmates, how they felt and why they turned to crime.
  • Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

    Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

    Dalkey Castle is the sole surviving castle from among seven built in Dalkey during the middle ages. They were built to securely hold goods which were offloaded from ships and incorporated several defensive features to protect them from attacking plunderers. Today it incorporates a heritage centre, writers' gallery and visitors can enjoy a "Living History" tour as actors, in period costume, tell their stories.
  • Dax Restaurant

    Dax Restaurant

    Dax Restaurant provides unrivalled levels of fine French cuisine in Dublin. It was awarded Best Restaurant in Dublin by the Food & Wine Magazine Restaurant of the Year Awards, the National Hospitality Awards and the Irish Restaurant Awards. Offering modern French dishes using the finest Irish and continental artisan ingredients, Dax Restaurant will not disappoint.
  • Dunbrody Famine Ship and Irish Emigrant Experience

    Dunbrody Famine Ship and Irish Emigrant Experience

    The Dunbrody Famine Ship is an authentic reproduction of an 1840's emigrant ship of the same name. The original vessel was built in 1845 in Quebec as a cargo ship but the Great Famine of 1845-52 saw a mass emigration from Ireland. The ship was fitted with bunks and used to carry passengers from Ireland to Quebec with many dying on the journey.
  • Fota Wildlife Park

    Fota Wildlife Park

    Fota Wildlife Park is the most popular tourist attraction in Cork and plays a leading role in animal conservation. Its vast 70 arcres of park space enables animals to live in conditions close to their natural habitat while also enabling visitors to get a close view.
  • Foxford Woollen Mills Visitor Centre & Factory Tour

    Foxford Woollen Mills Visitor Centre & Factory Tour

    At Foxford Woollen Mills Visitor Centre, you will discover how, in 1892, a caring woman's vision, drive & determination to help the local people help themselves through productive employment was realized. See how in current times that vision lives on and the products have evolved in design but retained the values of top-quality, comfort and style.
  • Galway Tours - Walking Tours of Galway City

    Galway Tours - Walking Tours of Galway City

    Galway Tours specialise in group tours and have a number of tour types to suit the interest of the visitors. These include a 2-hour "Medieval Galway & Waterways Tour", and a "Historic Pubs" tour. The tours will tell you of the often turbulent history of the city and its growth in importance to the region since medieval times.
  • Giant's Causeway

    Giant's Causeway

    The Giant's Causeway is an area of coastline in county Antrim. Its interlocking basalt columns, many of which are hexagonal, make it a spectacular place to visit. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.